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Safety Magic

For the first time Moscow project Safety Magic declared themselves in 2002 with jazz meditations, complex rhythms and exquisite tunes played with almost ritual power. Safety Magic has become one of the best Russian representatives of world music because of their dense drive, bright improvisations and artful using of modern technologies. The palette of sound space stretches from afro-beat to ethnic jazz and every their concert is a one hundred percent resonance with the audience.

It is worth noting Safety Magic Festivals, there were held four, all of them had a wide resonance in the Russian  music world. Among the participants in the fests there are groups who got in touch with Safety Magic in their work: Inna Zhelannaya (the result of the alliance with her is “Voices” disc, 2007); Masha Makarova (“Masha I Medvedi”, the common music clip “KELELAO” was released in 2009); Nicolay Oorzhak (common disc “Live at White Light”) and Damo Suzuki who took part in track recording for “Voices”.

What Safety Magic does – both in the studio and at concerts – is close to the best Western models; while listening to mantras in Sanskrit in their performance you understand that the musicians actively rethink the spiritual heritage and try not to destroy the delicate texture of the mantras and to maintain the spirit. Herewith rather European rhythmic structures, guitar fingering roulades and electronic passages are weaved into ethnic tunes. The combination of antiquity and topicality is Safety Magic’s style of life.

Today the following people are involved in Safety Magic:

  • Pavel “Pravin” Novikov – bansuri, vocal, sanai, clarinet
  • Dan Lerman – quadro-guitar
  • Mikhail Avsharov – bass
  • Ilya Lipatov – drums
  • Piotr “Ragu” Nikulin – didjeridoo
  • Sergei Nebolsin – percussion
  • Oleg Maryakhin – saxophones
  • Ramil Shamsutdinov – trombone
  • Dmitriy Losev – keyboards, electronics


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