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Alex Rostotsky – “Uganda Diary” program

Jazz Bass Theatre

Presents the program “Uganda Diary”

(world music, ethno-jazz)

“I had never experienced anything similar to what I felt during my trip to Uganda if speaking about warmth, colors, dyes and senses. Before the trip I had never looked for the folk intonation in order to put it in my music later. When our compositions were heard in Uganda I was told by many people that I had opened their eyes. They had not imagined that their music might have such sounding, might get into another musical stream, and might have another audience. This audience consists not only of people who listen to folk music but also of people who are interested in modern music, and they are in one step from it!”

Alex Rostotsky, an interview to the Jazz.ru magazine.

On April 10th on the Club scene you will see:

  • Alex Rostotsky – synthesizers
  • Timur Nekrasov – saxophones
  • Lev Slepner – marimba, percussion
  • German Mamaev – bass
  • David Sagamonyants – drums


Come! Looking to see you!